Mariah Carey in New Intel Ad

The new television campaign of Intel Centrino Duo technology in the states was launched on Wednesday night during the Grammy Awards presentation on CBS network. In this 30-second spot, we could see a man wearing headphones and working on his laptop in the library. Suddenly, Mariah Carey appeared on his lap and sang a song "Mine Again" with her incredible voice. The ad is trying to tell us that "With the new Centrino Duo, your digital entertainment really comes to life." If this were true, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a new laptop with Intel Centrino Duo technology. At least, I would be able to have Mariah sat on my lap and sung a song for me.

P.S. Even though Mariah Carey used to star in the TV commercial spot before in Japan, this is her first time to be featured in TV ad in the states.

One Response to Mariah Carey in New Intel Ad

  1. kob says:

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    ไวโอ (ญี่ปุ่น) เลยยิ่งดี

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