It has been exactly a year since I wrote about Swarovski Crystal Society Thailand "Harmony" Launch Party. Today, 1 year after that post, I continued the crystal journey to the second piece of the "Wonders of the Sea" Trilogy 2005-2007, "Eternity." SCS Thailand "Eternity" Launch Party was held at the same date and place as last year: the first Saturday of February at the Royal Ballroom, the Oriental Bangkok. Even though the designer of this second creation is not the same person as the first, the concept of the trilogy has been kept and expanded professionally. "Harmony" and "Eternity" could be placed together in perfect harmony. Isn’t it wonderful?

P.S. Read more about "Eternity" from my post at Sunny’s Diary by clicking at the link SCS Thailand "Eternity" Launch Party above or here.

3 Responses to Eternity

  1. Bak 《臥龍》 says:


  2. Pradt says:

    another masterpiece for your collection! did it cost as much as the first one?

  3. Songphon says:

    Well, You don\’t have to be rich to enjoy the sparkling of Swarovski crystal piece. The price is not that high compared with the quality.
    Fortunately, the price of this year SCS annual edition is still the same as last year. Hopefully, it would be the same for next year too.

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