A couple of days ago, I got a sore throat. I thought it was an
ordinary sore throat that would wear off by itself after taking some
medicine. However, a couple of days later, a sore throat was getting
worse as I felt sharp pain when swallowing even my own saliva and I
also got a high fever. Finally, I decided that I had better see a
doctor. At the hospital, I was diagnosed with tonsillitis, an
inflammation of the tonsils in the mouth. The doctor said that I made
it just in time before the tonsils become so swollen that I have to be
admitted into the hospital. However, I still need at least three
injections in order to get better. I am now feeling a lot more better
and I hope I would fully recover soon.

2 Responses to Tonsillitis

  1. Pradt says:

    hope you\’d get well soon.
    what caused this? did the doctor tell? it just miraculously happened, eating too much, or not enough sleep?

  2. Songphon says:

    It started on the Chinese New Year day when I visited too many temples and exposed to an area with large numbers of people. As the disease is viral base, I might get infected from someone there.

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