Hinokio: Inter Galactic Love

For this Japanese movie, "Hinokio" is a name of a humanoid robot which is controlled by a boy to go to school in his place. Even though the title of the movie is taken from the name of the robot, the theme of this movie is all about human – love, loss and friendship. The robot is just a tool to make our life easier.

The movie tells a story of a boy who lost his mother and was confined to a wheelchair from an accident. He blamed it all to his father and spends his time all by himself in his room.  The father who is a robot scientist built "Hinokio" in order to encourage his son to connect to the outside world.

The movie is written and directed by Takahiko Akiyama. He is a person who is responsible for the computer graphic generation of Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within. Thus, there is no doubt that the computer graphic in this movie is top notch. Hinokio seems true to life. The plot also makes some references to the online gaming issue and cleverly combined it with the complex yet understandable storyline. Even though some moments in the film could be considered by many audiences to have too many clichés, all in all, the movie is good for everyone in the family.

For more information, please visit the official web site at <http://www.hinokio-movie.com/>

4 Stars out of 5, recommend to family viewing and the individual who adores a masterpiece computer graphic animation.

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