Suriyan – Chantra

No, this is not a name of an ancient Thai drama series, even though the name suggests that it’s likely to be so. In fact, this is the name of a project initiated by Software Industry Promotion Agency of Thailand (SIPA in short) to promote the use of open-source software and Linux-based operating system.

From wiki@Suriyan : Suriyan is a Linux-based "instant server" system for small and medium-sized companies. It consists of a complete operating system, several typical applications, and an easy-to-use integrated configuration interface. The goal of this project, based on Debian GNU/Linux, is to enhance productivity and savings for companies by providing a server platform which supports many common corporate activities.

From wiki@Chantra : Chantra is a collection of high-quality open-source software for Windows, including their documentations and add-ons. It’ll be released as a CDROM about every 6 months. The softwares are chosen to be appropriate for Thai and the descriptions are in Thai. Chantra’s purpose is to help individuals and organizations to start using open-source software and finally move to Linux.

This is a good time to start moving away from a monopoly product from you-know-which company. You could even get a free installation CD of Suriyan and Chantra at SIPA office or download the iso image files from <> and distribute them freely.

3 Responses to Suriyan – Chantra

  1. Pradt says:

    are you using it?

  2. kob says:

    คงจะมีซอฟท์แวร์ โลกา ตามออกมาอีกแต่มันจะเป็นแนวไหนหว่า?ใช้เลยท่านซัน แล้วรายงานผลด้วย

  3. Songphon says:

    I got "Chantra" Version 1.1 CD last week and have already tried several open source software. In fact, I\’d used some of these softwares (such as Firefox browser) even before I got "Chantra" CD. All in all, the software package in "Chantra" is great and now I am trying to switch to these open source softwares.

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