The Promise

This is a story of the virtue of destiny and the consequence of a promise not being kept. A multi-angle love that leads to self-actualization is well interpreted and is deeply explored in this movie. I won’t write anymore about the plot as it would definitely spoil the rich and enjoyable storyline of the movie. You’ll understand what I meant when you watch the movie by yourself.

Other than the plot, "the Promise" provides audiences with superb cinematic experiences. The movie sees the cinematography at its paragon as being an incomparable masterpiece. Every single scene is unbelievably beautifully shot. The costumes are elegant and exotic, while the sets are breathtakingly eye-popping. The computer graphics in the movie are wonderfully created even though some might seem to be too obvious, it creates a dream-like effect to the movie. As common in every Chinese epic related story, all fighting and battles sequences in this movie are wonderfully coordinated and exciting.

A multi-national ensemble of cast, which consists of Jang Dong-Kun from South Korea, Hiroyuki Sanada from Japan, Cheung Pak-Chi (a.k.a. Cecilia Cheung) and Tse Ting-Fung (a.k.a. Nicholas Tse) from China, delivered first-class performances in this Mandarin-speaking movie. Chen Kaige did a very fine job as both a director and a script-writer in putting everything together perfectly. Although there is a confusion in the timeline of the story, the script is well written. The confusion might occur because there is no English or Thai subtitle provided at the beginning of the story where a couple of lines of Chinese texts are being shown as a story introduction. However, all in all, "the Promise" is undoubtedly the best choice as a candidate for the Best Foreign Film of the up-coming Academy Awards nomination from China. I strongly recommend everyone to watch the movie in the theater as it’s the best place to experience the grand scale of this movie.

PS. Thanks to popcornmag for free movie tickets to the sneak-preview of this movie in Bangkok.

5 Stars out of 5, recommend to all Asian movie fans.

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