One Year in Memory of Tsunami

It’s been a year since Mother Nature proved her superiority over human-being by sending the Tsunami, or the giant tidal wave, to the coast of Thailand and other countries around the Indian Ocean region. There are 5,395 people known to have been killed in Thailand by the disaster, and nearly 3,000 people were still missing. More than 2,000 casualties were the tourists. Now, it’s the matter of those who live through the tragedy. Christmas might not be a merry moment for those who lost love ones in the year to come but live goes on. I’d like to express my deepest sympathy to those whose lives have been effected with the Tsunami.

PS. Thailand Post issues the commemorative stamp in memory of the Tsunami disaster in Thailand. For more information, please check out my other blog at on "Thai Charity for Tsunami Victims Commemorative Stamps."

2 Responses to One Year in Memory of Tsunami

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  2. Songphon says:

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