Do you know what an item in the picture below is? It’s a chocolate but it’s not an ordinary chocolate. It’s a specialty chocolate in the shape of a name-card of LOUIS VUITTON (Thailand) S.A. I got it as a souvenir for attending the store’s "Thank You" party yesterday evening at The Emporium Shopping Complex. It was an invitation-only event. No, I didn’t get an invitation but my sister did and I accompanied her to the event where millionaires and high-society people were packed in the LOUIS VUITTON store savoring champagnes and glamorous cocktails with a small music band playing classic tunes live in the background. The store offered a luxurious show case of all LOUIS VUITTON products. I had a chance to try a limited edition watch crafted especially by the manufacturer of ROLEX for LOUIS VUITTON’s. It looked gorgeous on my wrist. Well, I guess it certainly looks gorgeous on everyone’s wrist anyway as the price tag is a mere 200,000 baht. Whoever could afford this watch is no doubt a millionaire. I, by no means, don’t dare buying and putting on this watch and wandering around the street in Bangkok alone. It’d better be kept in the locked safe where it belongs.

11 Responses to LOUIS VUITTON Chocolate

  1. amon says:

    Ummh!! so your sis is a Louis Vuitton\’s lover, right!!!

  2. kob says:

    น่าชิม นามบัตร จัง

  3. Pradt says:

    what about the back of the chocolate card? did they print their famous tile "pattern" on it? they should!

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