Hirai Ken is one of famous Japanese singers whose music features most of contemporary R&B, jazz, funk and hip-hop style. His newest single has just been released on 26 October 2005 in Japan, after some 14 months from his previous single. It’s called "POP STAR." The song features fast beat music and rhythm as Ken’s trademark and style. Anyway, what is interesting about this song is its promotional video, or PV in short. I have just had a chance to watch this PV and it’s certainly funny and well shot. In this video, Hirai Ken simultaneously portrays seven roles in the set that was originated from the famous "Ed Sullivan Show." This CBS television show is the longest running variety series in the American TV history. Back to the video, we could see a group of three singers (three Hirai Ken in three different styles) called "KEN" performing the song with some funny stuffed mascots (also Hirai Ken) dancing in the background and the host (again, it’s Hirai Ken) of the show appreciating the song at the side of the stage. Finally, we see the producer (yes, it’s indeed Hirai Ken!) comes and congratulates everyone at the end of the show. For the captures of this PV, please visit aqua_syun’s blog (in Japanese) from where I got the information regarding this video. Thanks again, aqua_syunさん.


3 Responses to POP STAR

  1. Pradt says:

    โหลดมาแล้วเพลงนี้ แต่ยังไม่ได้ฟัง -_-"

  2. Unknown says:

    サンニーさんこんばんは。私は英語が出来ないので日本語で失礼します。先日は私のブログにお越しいただいてありがとうございました!この前オジャマした時、このページにこれなくてお礼が遅くなりました。また、何か知りたいこととかがあったら遊びに来てくださいね!お役に立つこともあるかもしれませんので・・・^^;それでは また(^^)/~~~

  3. Songphon says:

    aqua_syunさん、こちらこそ。私のブロッグを訪問してくださってありがとうございました。遅く来ることを気にしないでください。日本語でコメントしてもかまいません。日本語の練習のためにぜひaqua_syunさんのブロッグへよく遊びに行くようにします。そちらで平井堅のニュースもCHEMISTRYのニュースも知る機会を得るかもしれません。追伸: タイで韓国のドラマが非常に人気があることを知っていますか?

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