This morning I went to take the computer-based TOEFL® (Test of English as a Foreign Language) at the Institute of International Education located on the sixth floor of Maneeya Building on Ploenchit Road. I almost got to the test-center late due to the heavy morning traffic, fortunately I made it just in time. The test went well and took me about 3 hours to finish. One of the advantages of the computer-based version of the test is that you are able to see your unofficial score report immediately after you finished the test, except for the essay score that will be graded by the evaluators later. My score is as follow:

Listening: 29
Structure/Writing: 11 to 28
Reading: 28
TOTAL: 227 to 283

All in all, the score is acceptable as my possible minimum surpasses the minimum requirement for some graduate schools in the US. Anyway, I hope that I will get good rating on my essay to ensure a good overall official score. By the way, I still wondered which one question of the total 30 questions in the listening section that I got wrong, otherwise I will score perfectly (30 points) in the listening section. Unfortunately, that answer would remain mysterious unless ETS (the test administrator) decides to change its policy of disclosure the score, which would deem impossible.


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