Brobdingnagian DVD Boxset

I have just come across some unusually huge DVD boxsets at Well, the box of the DVDs themselves might be enormous, but the number of discs in each DVD set is even greater. I think it’s the most number of discs per boxset I have ever heard of. I am talking about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Chosen Collection" which contains a grand total of 40 DVD discs in one boxset, 39 of which are all 144 episodes of the series from its first to its seventh and final season, while another bonus disc contains special features such as casts & crews interviews and other Buffy-related documentaries created especially for the collection. The boxset will be released on November 15, 2005 in the states with the suggested retail price of $199.98. That’s about $5 per disc which is a real bargain for DVD in the USA. You could even get it cheaper by pre-ordering the set from at $169.99. Click for more detail.

Another super colossal boxset with an equal number of discs to "Buffy’s" is no other than the legendary sit-com "Friends – The One with All Ten Seasons." Packed with all episodes from all 10 seasons of the series, the set will be released in a limited edition collector’s box. It will also be on sale on November 15, 2005 in the states with the suggested retail price of $299.98. You could save more by pre-ordering it from at $199.99. Click for more detail.

There is also another gigantic boxset to be released. It’s "Sex and the City – The Complete Series (Collector’s Giftset)" which contains less but still high number of 20 DVD discs: the complete series (season 1 – season 6) on 19 discs plus a bonus disc. This item will be released on November 1, 2005 in the states with more expensive suggested retail price of $299.95. You may pre-order it at now to get a discounted price of $194.97. Click for more detail.

I am sure there would be more monstrous DVD boxset to be released in the future. It might seem unfair for those fans of the series who have already bought each seasons DVD boxset when it came out. It’s just another marketing strategy. For those who own the individual season boxset, don’t sweat or swear with things you couldn’t control. You have to think on the brighter side that you had a chance to enjoy your favorite show much longer before those who haven’t owned the set yet.

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  1. Pradt says:

    i want friends! but i got most of the dvd from mae-sai already. / buffy…. not interested / sex and the city… not interested

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