Are TV Characters’ Salaries Realistic?

I came across this article on the other day at MSN Careers. The author tried to point out how unrealistic TV characters’ salaries compare with their lifestyles. A clear example is shown from an extravagant lifestyle of Carrie Bradshaw (a character from the famous HBO series "Sex and the City") who has a job as a sex columnist in a New York City newspaper. Her glamorous lifestyle is by no means possible for a median annual salary of about $57,000 for a journalist with 10 years of experience in real-life. Even a person like Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston’s famous character from "Friends,") who serves coffee in the neighborhood coffee-shop, could pay for a rent on an enormous New York apartment and has some money left to spend on her shopping. That’s impossible but it’s TV show. Almost all of TV characters seem to lead a wonderful life. At least, they always look good.

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One Response to Are TV Characters’ Salaries Realistic?

  1. Pradt says:

    characters in thai tv soapopera never have to work, they have all the money they want for the rest of their lives. XD

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