Judie Foster is back in her new  psychological thriller movie called "Flightplan." On the opening week, the movie was at the top of the US box-office and remained there for 2 consecutive weeks.

After the death of her husband, Kyle Pratt (played by Jodie Foster) traveled with her 6-year-old daughter from Berlin to New York by a new model airplane, which was actually designed by herself as a former airline aeronautical engineer. Once the plane took off and flied at 28000 feet above sea-level, Pratt took a nap only to wake up and see that her daughter’s disappeared. The crew members and passengers even denied that they have never seen a girl traveling with her. How could that be possible? What’s the reason behind this?

Judie has yet again delivered her superb performance in this movie. I could feel the tension out of the screen.  The movie might be a bit boring in the first half an hour when it’s trying to establish a story and mother-daughter’s relation. However, once the daughter’s gone missing, the pace of the movie is fast and exciting. Although there are some weak spots in the story-line here and there with numerous illogical remarks, the movie could keep my attention on the action and mystery of the missing girl. At the climax of the story, everything becomes clear. However, you need to set your reasoning facilities aside or you might feel like being cheated by the script of the movie. Subjectively, there is only a point in the script which irritated me. It’s the racism issue on the plane which I decided to ignore and enjoy the film. Well, it’s the movie anyway. Thus, don’t expect it to be real. If you are fans of Jodie Foster or like thriller/suspense movie, you must not miss this movie.

4 stars out of 5, didn’t I mention that Jodie Foster is back? That’s enough for the reason to go watching this movie.

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