BOOK EXPO Thailand 2005 & World Book Capital Campaign

Today I went to the 10th "BOOK EXPO Thailand 2005" at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. This year theme is "Knowledge beyond boundaries." The fair was crowded – as always because it was held in October which is a school-off period. The publishers line-up is quite the same as previous book fairs, with some new-comers. The organizer boasts that this book fair sees the most publishers ever been.

One of the high-lights in this fair is the campaign for promoting Bangkok to be selected as a "World Book Capital" for the year 2008. Everyone is encouraged to write a short message or draw a picture on a specially designed Cu-Book (pronounced as "Q-Book" and originated from the word "cubic" and "book") expressing one’s enthusiasm on book and book’s reading in general. This so-called Cu-Book, which has a shape of small cubic box, will then be used to decorate a big model of city of Bangkok. This model will be used as a presentation to the selection committee of the World Book Capital to decide whether Bangkok is suitable for this prestigious title or not. I myself also dedicated one Cu-Book for the campaign and it’s the box number 1154. I wonder how many Cu-books will there be at the end of the campaign.

4 Responses to BOOK EXPO Thailand 2005 & World Book Capital Campaign

  1. Satean says:

    Hello Sunny,First time I visit your BLOG. Very fantastic (and very hard) blog with english language in everywhre.Do you get a lot of books?PS. -_-" very tired to answer your blog.

  2. Aragorn says:

    I also went there yesterday, but not so many people. I bought 1 set of ชอลิ่วเฮียง 8 books, and plan to buy more during next week.

  3. Pradt says:

    get me Cu-Book now XD

  4. Udom says:

    I don\’t like place with many people, so I will be there on work day na 😀 I make a wish list for myself it\’s included Praphas Chonsaranon, J-book from Nation publishing (suspense). This fair will take my little money so much T_T

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