matsu takako concert tour 2003 “second wave” on film

I received this DVD from a friend last week but I just had a chance to watch it last night. The DVD is recorded from a live concert at NHK Hall in Tokyo, Japan on November 23rd, 2003. Matsu Takako delivered a superb performance, especially in my personal favorite song "ほんとの気持ち (Honto no Kimochi)" which made me know her. Her crystal clear voice was full of power and was well coherent with a profession live music performance. A combination of wind instruments (trumpet and saxophone) and an accordion with a normal band made songs in the concert sounded totally different from those recorded in studio albums. Apart from singing, Takako herself also played various kinds of musical instruments such as a xylophone, a melodion and, lastly, an impressing piano solo in the concert encore. All in all, it’s an enjoyable and memorable concert.

This single-layered DVD contains 17 tracks from Matsu Takako’s previous albums. Here is the track-listing.

01. 明日にくちづけを
02. バニラアイス
03. 冬のトレモロ
04. 恋のわすれかた
05. 26:00
06. パンをひとつ
07. ほんとの気持ち
08. Hello Goodbye
09. 月のダンス
10. home ~Inst.~
11. 白い坂道
12. White reply
14. 日曜は何処へ行った?
15. コイシイヒト
16. ごめんね。
17. 明日、春が来たら
18. 夢のほとりで逢いましょう

19. 夢で逢えたら
20. clover
21. 黄昏電車
22. Welcome back

The DVD also features a photo gallery and a short behind-the-scene footage (with only a background music "Welcome Back" playing.) The picture quality is average, but the sound (Japanese 5.1 channel) is excellent.

4 Stars out of 5 – highly recommend for Matsu Takako fan.


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  1. karn says:

    Bravo Bravo Takako-chan \\\\ ^_^ //

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