The Myth

Jackie Chan is back in an action/fantasy/comedy movie called "The Myth." With leading actresses from two big Asian countries, Kim Hee-seon from South Korea and Mallika Sherawat from India and a story-line revolving around history of ancient China, the movie looks promising for both local Asian fronts and western markets. As you could expect from all movies starring Jackie Chan, there are lots of action and fun elements in this movie. You don’t have to think too much about the story-line.

Pay attention to a long action-sequence at "Rat Glue" factory. I really like the way Jackie Chan created the flow of action and humor with a little nude… You’ll know what I mean once you watch this scenes.

3 Stars out of 5 – recommend for all Jackie Chan fans and action-movie lovers.

2 Responses to The Myth

  1. Pradt says:

    it is funny though the plot is quite senseless amusing.the main actresses are beautiful esprcially korean girl.1 star out of 5

  2. Unknown says:

    I like jackie channot only for his great movie,but also for his charity.

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