Journey to Saraburi (Revisited)

I have just been back from Saraburi. If you read my blog regularly, you may notice that I have just been to Saraburi with my friend at the beginning of this month. Thus, this is my second time within two-weeks period to revisit Saraburi. Anyway, this time, I visited Saraburi for a different purpose. I had to attend a mandatory three-days seminar for all Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST in short) scholarship grantees. The seminar was educational, interesting and surprisingly enjoyable. I’d got a chance to make friend with fellow MOST scholars. Moreover, I got to know some nice and kind officers from both MOST, OCSC and NSTDA (my future office) as well as some other former MOST scholars.

I was impressed with one quotation from a seminar session saying that "changes are chaotic." It’s indeed true and could be considered as a universal fact. Now, I have a lot of changes in my life and there would be more changes to come when it’s a time to travel abroad. Even though, they would bring more chaos to me, I would definitely have to keep my head up high and be stronger.

One Response to Journey to Saraburi (Revisited)

  1. Pradt says:

    keep the head up hight and be thin 🙂

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