iPod nano

Last week, I asked my friend from the States to buy an iPod shuffle 1GB for me. I wouldn’t have done so, had I known that today Apple would release its new iPod product called "iPod nano." With almost the same functions as iPod photo, much more smaller size and affordable price (2GB for 199 USD and 4GB for 249 USD,) I would rather buy this new baby than "Life-is-random" without-screen iPod shuffle. Isn’t it ironic? Life is ACTUALLY random for me when deciding to buy "shuffle" a week before "nano" was released. The motto of this story is that you would never know what will happen tomorrow…

Now, it’s my love at the first sight for "nano" so I guess I should get one. The problem is what should I do with the newly bought and never been used "shuffle."


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  1. Pradt says:

    if you bought it in u.s.a i think you should email your friend now to see if he can return ipod shuffle and exchange it for nano. or at least get a refund. i believe that is possible in u.s.a.

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