Journey to Saraburi

Phew, I just got back from a short 2-days trip with my friend to Saraburi province. With only 2 hours drive from Bangkok, we arrived at our destination within shorter time than being struck in a normal Bangkok traffic jam on our way back. I think it is good to travel upcountry once in a while to rejuvenate myself. This time, we stayed a night at Supalai Pasak Resort hotel situated on 2km-long curve besides Pasak river. The bungalow we had was quiet, cozy and comfortable. It was sunny in the morning and raining at night, so the weather was nice. I felt great and relaxing just to breath some fresh air without any pollution far away from the chaotic city life.

On our trip, we visited "Pasak Jolasid Dam," one of the royal initiate projects to reserve water for agriculture and prevent flood in the surrounding area. The dam is gigantic and the view of vast volume of water from the ridge of the dam up to the horizon is just marvelous and eye-popping. We also stopped by at "Chet Sao Noi Waterfall" (literally translated as "the waterfall of seven little maidens.") In fact, the waterfall got its cute name from the name of the place where it was discovered (Chet Sao Noi Village,) which in turns coherent with the number of levels (7 levels) the waterfall actually has. The waterfall was so beautiful at the time we got there, which was just after the rain. Thus, we were able to see tones of water falling down from each level of the waterfall. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get into the water because it was running so fast that you might get drifted away and drowned. On our way back, we wouldn’t forget to pay respect to "Phra Phutthabat" Temple. The word "Phra Phutthabat" is literally translated as Lord Buddha’s Footprints. The temple is the beautiful shrine of the pavilion built (and rebuilt many times) as a homage upon the actual site where the Footprints were discovered back in Ayutthaya period (more than 300 years ago.) As for the souvenir, we got some well-known snacks called "curry-puff" for our friends and families. This "curry-puff" is a fried dumpling-like snack with various kinds of filling inside, such as chicken curry, which is the first and the most well-known filling of this snack and, hence, contributes the "curry" part in its name. Other fillings include nuts, taro, chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, grape, raisin, etc.

All in all, the trip was enjoyable and impressive. We were back in Bangkok tiring all over our bodies due to excess walking and long hours of driving but our hearts are cheerful and lively. We are now ready for another round of hard work. We also plan on our next upcountry journey but still have no idea where to go. Any suggestion?

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