About Love

I have just finished watching a movie called "About Love" from a DVD received from a friend as a present. Wow, I was impressed by all three stories intervening loosely together in this movie. I have to agree with my friend that this is one of the best romance movies we have seen so far this year.

"About Love" is divided into three parts which take place in three different big Asian cities: Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai. In each city, there is a story of a couple, with different cultures and languages, who get to know one another by chance. You would see a beginning of new love, a going through of lost love and a one-sided love; all are wisely portrayed in this movie. Although the three stories are independent, there are small irrelevant connections among all parts. These connections don’t affect the main idea of each story, they are just a tool to intervene the stories together. Talking about the story line, everything is in the right place at the right time. This is what you called a great plot. I won’t say much about the story. You have to watch the movie to feel it by yourself.

All in all, I felt happy and full of hope after watching "Tokyo" segment. Then, I laughed myself like a fool in "Taipei" segment where language barrier has been picked out to play an important role in the story as well as a hilarious situation. Lastly, I felt sorry for a couple in "Shanghai" segment, however life goes on… as I could imply from the ending of the film.

5 Stars out of 5 – highly recommend.


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  1. Udom says:

    ชอบมั่กๆ เลยค้าบ … โดยเฉพาะตอนไทเปเนี่ย ฮาตกเก้าอี้เลย 😀

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