26 August 2005
I have just got back home from a late night movie. It’s not ordinary for me to watch movie on weekday’s night but I just can’t say no to a free ticket. Well, I guess no one can. It’s the opening day for "Stealth" in Thailand and one thing I could point out is that Thai people just love "action" movie. It was a little surprise to me when I saw that there was a full house in the theater where I went.

"Stealth" is definitely an action movie. It is a story set in the near future. A team of three veteran US Navy pilots has to stop an artificial intelligence computer-controlled aircraft which develops its own mind and goes berserk, before it incites a war.

Well, all action movie face the same problem – the story line. No matter how good an action sequence is, if the story line sucks, it would blow everything away. "Stealth" is no exception. I have to admit that I really like all the jets and aircrafts flying sequences. This is the best the movie could offer from all those impossible flying scenes to all the actions and bombing in the sky. However, the plot is too predictable; you could guess the story through the ending no later than the first 20 minutes. Moreover, the script is boring. There are so many unreasonable and unnecessary scenes. I guess the producer might get pressure from some sponsors and authorities to put those unrelated scenes on screen. For example, Thailand is mentioned in the movie as a place for the pilots to take a vacation and it’s a "real" vacation with temple and monks scene, photographing at a beautiful waterfall sequence, and a floating market and a rice paddy scenery. Tourism Authority of Thailand would be more than happy to see these as a good promotion for Thailand as a tourist destination. But it doesn’t concern the movie at all.

If you love "action" movie, this is a must to watch on big screen with great sound system. The computer graphic is top-notch. However, the story line is hopeless and the ending is … no, I don’t want to spoil the fun for those who want to watch it themselves but I am sure you couldn’t agree more with me that it is too easy to predict. By the way, don’t forget to keep watching after the end credits.

2 Stars out of 5.