Driving in Bangkok

20 August 2005

Bangkok is famous for its traffic congestion. Being struck on the road for a couple of hours is common. It is worsen these days as there are more and more traffic constructions blocking everywhere you go. Even though those fly-over and road constructions promise a better future with less traffic congestion, I guess it wouldn’t be so. Once the traffic seems to get slightly better, people will buy more cars and, on the other hand, the traffic would be worse. This is a vicious circle. Unless public transportation is widely used, no one could solve the problem.

The manner of people driving around the city is also getting worse. They might get too much stress due to the traffic jam. Generosity, and perhaps sanity, has gone from their minds. I myself experienced this in a hard way as I was driving home from work last week . While I was waiting to make a u-turn, out of nowhere there was a car zooming in real fast and made a sudden stop. A driver got off his car and started yelling at me. It seemed that he was racing with someone on the public road and my car was in his way. He impolitely asked me to apologize for being his obstacle. I didn’t want to pour oil into the flame so I simply say sorry to please him. It’s better this way than trying to argue and talk reason with this mad man. Upon hearing what he wanted, he suddenly drove his car away, left me dumbfounded all by myself.

Well, driving in Bangkok has never been easy. Driving in Bangkok with crazy drivers around proves to be much more challenging. You never know upon whom you will stumble. This would keep you alert at all time. Be Prepared!