Till Mommy Comes to Senses

16 August 2005
I have just finished watching a documentary program called "Kon Khon Kon" on Modern Nine TV. Today it featured the second episode of the heart-touching trilogy. It is the story of a 32-year-old woman whose parts of memories were lost and misconceived due to brain-tumor operation. Even though she is a mother of two, the illness caused her to conceive herself as a 10-year-old girl ; now she understands that she is a "daughter" of her husband and a big "sister" of her own children. Well, you might say that it seemed like a good plot for a drama movie, but this real life story proves to be bitter with no happy-ending. The world has turned upside down for not only the woman but also her family. I just couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to have someone you love by your side but he or she is not actually there. All you need in order to move on is love and patience. I really admire the husband-became-father who has a heart of gold. He is still taking a good care of his wife and children without complaint. I guess the family would hopefully wait till mommy comes to senses…

There is no path of roses in life. The moral of this story is to always cherish the love of your family as you may never know what the future holds.