Mother Nature’s Punishment

15 August 2005

If you heard of recent news, you would know that now Thailand is being bombarded with various kinds of natural disasters. There are sudden floods in several provinces in the Northern part of Thailand and, ironically, there are water shortages and droughts in the East and the North-East. Moreover, People in the South had to face with smog from forest fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan island of Indonesia. The smog is so thick that it could block away the sunlight and causes air pollution. I guess these are the Nature’s self defense mechanism from our destruction. We deserve the punishment from Mother Nature for what we had done. It’s obvious. For example, even though we could build more houses with deforestation, those houses would become useless as the flood comes. Once the flood has gone, there would be no water supply left to use because all natural resources are swept away.

I hope that all the disasters would end soon and we would learn from our mistakes — cherish the Mother Nature as we cherish our life.