I Hate Pet Shops

14 August 2005
Today, I went to Chatuchak Weekend market (best known as Jatujak or J.J. Market) with a group of friends. In fact, I should say we tagged along a friend who intended to buy clothing and apparels. The weather was bad with lots of cloud and high humidity in the air, moreover, at one point it was raining and that made things worse with people packing inside small aisles shopping and bargaining while waiting for the rain to stop. I didn’t know how much time we spent inside those cramped little arrays of shops, but by the time we emerged out to the street, the rain had stopped and it was getting wet and dirty all around the ground. That was quite a tiresome shopping experience.

However, what bothered me most is the sight of pet shops that cramped along small lanes in a pet section of J.J. Market. At first, I decided to stroll along and look for an animal toy for my pet-dogs at home. The picture of those small puppies and kittens cramped in small cages with price-tags above them made me feel pity for them. Taking the little animals away from their parents at such young age is bad enough, but putting them in cages without proper environment and care is worse. I just can’t stand the sight of all these pet shops. It seemed that all little animals there are punished with a death-sentence for the crime they have never committed. We, as human-being, take advantages of our superior wisdom and treat all these animals as a merchandise rather than a living thing. I saw one small puppy with a price of 15000.00 THB (375.00 USD) but it looked so sad and lonely. I could only hope that someone with a kind heart would buy that puppy and pet it with love and care for the rest of its short life.