What’s your shoe size?

For both guys and gals alike, It’s always been a myth that the size of man’s reproductive organ is somehow linked to the size of some other parts of his body. Last week, a group of researchers from Russia announced that they had found a proof to this superstition. An extensive research has been conducted and they have come up with a result which supports the relation between the size of men’s shoes and the length of his manhood in a simple mathematical formula : H = (L + 5)/2. Here, L represents the foot length whereas H stands for the length of the penis, all in the unit of centimeter. Researchers claim that the formula is more than 90 percent accurate. The scientific explanation behind the formula is based on a belief that a male genital organ developed in accordance with some specific organ in the fetus state. As for the further study, they will prove the connection between the diameter of male reproductive organ and the width of his feet. Read more here.

I still wonder if this is true. I might have to experiment it by myself. How about you guys out there? Would you mind checking and leaving me a comment regarding the result?

One Response to What’s your shoe size?

  1. Pradt says:

    read this headline on the newspaper few days ago, it\’s so untrue. lol XD

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