Shake It Off

3 August 2005

This is the third single from Mariah Carey’s latest studio album "The Emancipation of Mimi" on Billboard Hot 100 Chart. On its first week on the chart, the song acquired "Hot Shot Debut" label, meaning that, among the new singles entering the chart that week, this song was in the highest position. This week, while the song "We Belong Together" is still hanging on the top spot of the chart for 10 weeks, "Shake It Off" is showing a high potential at Number 19, with "Greatest Gainer / Airplay" label on its third week on the chart. In fact, this single has not yet commercially released in the States, so the figure on the chart is purely based on the popularity, judging by air play, club play and digital download.

The Music Video for this song was broadcasted worldwide on July 27th, 2005. There are many cameos and Mariah’s personal jokes in the video. Some say that this video is a tribute to Mariah’s previous works. I think this video is enjoyable, especially all those tidbits in the video, from the first scene with Mariah’s appearance in the bathtub while singing the song, till the last scene when Mariah walks toward the evening sunset.