It’s a Small World

Today when I was browsing through my friend’s blog (click here to read what happened), I noticed a familiar name on one of the recent comments. Soon after checking the link directing from the name, I realized that it’s my long-lost correspondent’s web site. In fact, I met the guy by chance (on cyberspace) in Singapore when I was working there some 3-4 years ago. Back then, I left a comment in his old web site’s guestbook without knowing that he is my friend’s friend. He contacted me and said that he also knew my friend, thus we started our online correspondences. Doesn’t it sound nostalgia when I found his name – once again – on (another) friend’s web? It’s a surprise and I have to admit that it’s a small world, indeed!


One Response to It’s a Small World

  1. Unknown says:

    Well, this time RSS exists, so I won\’t be a \’lost corresponder\’ again 🙂

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