We Belong Together

This record-breaking song is Mariah Carey’s sixteenth number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It proves that Mariah Carey is the most successful female artist to-date and ranked third on number 1 hit singles, only behind The Beatles (with 20 #1’s) and Elvis Presley (with 18 #1’s) in Billboard history. Currently, "We Belong Together" is still number 1 on the Hot 100 chart and on the week ending of July 30th, 2005 it will set a record of 9 weeks on the top of the chart. Even though there is no commercial released CD for this single in the states, it still shines on the chart with a huge volume of radio station’s airplay and digital download impressions combined.

Universal Music (Thailand) has released "We Belong Together" single since Tuesday (July 19th, 2005.) This is so strange because there are not many singles that were able to release in Thailand as the market here seemed to rely mainly on the album sales. As for Mariah, there would only be the first singles from each of her new albums that could be released as a single because they came out before the full albums were released and served as sample songs for everyone. For Mariah’s latest album: The Emancipation of Mimi, the first single – "It’s Like That" – has been released since March 2005. The release of "We Belong Together" as a commercial single here in Thailand marks a special treatment for the song with a special CD digipak package that can be folded out and reveal a white rose pop-up in the middle of the pack. This is one of a kind package that hasn’t been feature anywhere in the world – of course, it would definitely be the precious collector’s item. The suggested retail price of the CD single is only 150 THB. I suggest buying one while you still have a chance.


2 Responses to We Belong Together

  1. Pradt says:

    my most favorite song in the emancipation of mimi!i will have to go and buy this single! (u_u)

  2. Unchalee says:

    I hope to see this mv just one time in my cable tv (piracy). Now I can sing 65% of this song. eiei

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