Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Revisited)

It seemed that I just couldn’t get enough with Harry Potter craze by now. After days of reading this book continuously till the last page, all you need is someone to discuss the content of the book in detail. Anyway, there are still few people who manage to finish this book.
Well, finally, I found an interesting web-site to browse through. That’s http://mugglethai.com where there are huge array of information and discussion board to fulfill my need for a moment. From there, I also got a hold of a beautiful picture which is used as a full cover for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince U.S. Deluxe Edition of Scholastic Inc. The cover is illustrated by Mary GrandPré who skillfully depicted scenes after scenes in this book and all previous Harry Potter U.S. Edition books. Here is the picture of the Deluxe Edition’s cover. Click to view it in full size.

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