Ironic Situation

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Let say you are so hurried, there would probably be some unimaginable cause to somehow slow you down. Or, when you desperately want to take a taxi, there wouldn’t be any taxi available but when you don’t need one, you will see lot of taxis running around. Life is so ironic. You may wonder why I mention this today. It’s so because I experienced an unpleasant situation just a moment ago. Some of you may know that I intended to finish reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by today. However, that wouldn’t be possible because this evening the electricity around my neighborhood including my house went out for hours without prior notice. I couldn’t read a book without proper lighting. For heaven’s sake, why on earth should the electrical service was unavailable especially for "tonight"? If you couldn’t rely of the authority, what is the point to live in a metropolitan area, not some remote rural area? At one point, I was so pessimistic to think that there might be a terrorist attack which emulated the situation in the southern province of Yala a couple of days ago when the light went out all over the city.

Well, the electricity has resumed but the situation has already spoiled my mood and I couldn’t finish the book as planned. Let see how many more chapters could I read tonight.

One Response to Ironic Situation

  1. Pradt says:

    i\’d say use flashlight or candles like in old days!or buy a magic wand then say the spell "lumos!" XD

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